The Price of Loyalty: Sinister Novel, Hailed “Priceless” by Critics, Embroils Readers in Fierce Race to (Illegal) Riches…​
United Kingdom – While ‘The Price of Loyalty’ may be David Deanshaw’s first full-length novel, he is far from a writing novice. As a passionate business consultant and community strategist, his deep exposure to corporate Britain and its politics has seen him write numerous works of fiction, as well as letters published on both politics and business in the UK’s top daily newspapers…
…And every shred of that experience makes its way into his gripping and compelling new thriller. You see, ‘The Price of Loyalty’ isn’t just a work of the imagination, but an intricate plot of riches and greed that is taking place somewhere in the country, at this very moment.
A story of ambition, greed, arrogance and betrayal. Julia is bright, hardworking and brilliant at dissecting company accounts. Will she ever fulfil her dream of being a mother in her new home? Perry, her boss, is determined to make millions before his 40th birthday. Is what he is doing legal? Rupert, a lonely widower, seems to be able to make money for fun. But has he a secret to hide? All three are intensely loyal to each other in their quest to make money—and quickly. But at what price?
“Each character is an amalgam of actual people I met during over four decades consulting with some of the country’s biggest organizations. Equally, the fraud that takes place is a close-quarters cocktail of things I saw actually happen,” explains the author, a founding member of the Balsall Common Writers Group and a regular attendee at the Writer’s Hub in Coventry. “Each character in the book is laser-focused on their goals (legal or illegal), which ultimately becomes a corruptible flaw. Who knows, readers may even find parts of themselves in Julia, Perry and Rupert.
Continuing, “The narrative definitely looks at a series of emotions and desires, such as greed and the thrill of operating under the legal radar that many people romanticize. I invite readers in on the ground, in the thick of these activities, so they can see how these fantasies play out in the real world.
Initial feedback has been extremely positive. For example, Charles Bloom comments, “Be prepared to enter the dark world of dishonesty, greed and consummate selfishness, where the only loyalty is to oneself and the pursuit of wealth whatever the cost to others. David Deanshaw writes with authority about sharp practices such as insider trading and short selling which are all too common features of the world of finance. The characters are all unsympathetic and if you are looking for someone to like or with whom to empathise you will be struggling. It is a world which is in need of exposure and Deanshaw does so emphatically and with conviction.”
Harry Writes, “Price of Loyalty is an interesting and well plotted first novel by David Deanshaw. He draws on his considerable experience in business and politics to create realistic characters operating at or beyond the fringes of legality who are driven by personal ambition and greed rather than a desire to behave ethically. Venality is demonstrated by both those seeking to exploit the financial markets and those whose roles are to police the markets and hold those operating within them to public account. The novel ends with its main characters having sailed very close to the wind while managing to avoid overturning their boats but with the expectation that further exploits might not end so fortuitously. A sequel beckons where personal, emotional and business hopes, ambition and behaviour promise to continue to weave a tangled web for all concerned.”
Diane Glenn adds, “One of the best books I have read so far. I’m looking forward to the sequel and as the author states in the back of the book a prequel as well. I will definitely purchase the next two books. I enjoyed the plot so much the book is travelling around my family at present. Well done to Amazon for including this author in your book offering.”
‘The Price of Loyalty’ is available now:
Crossing Limbo By Shane Joseph Brings The Unexpected To Readers​
Toronto-Shane Joseph's latest book Crossing Limbo is a collection of short stories that explore the darker sides of being human with a raw honesty that keeps readers captive. It's rare to find a collection of short stories where each of the tales leave their mark. Joseph has used the world of limbo, being at odds with one's life path, to weave this stories into quick, live alone pieces. Each one completely different and yet hauntingly similar in scope. 

The first story, Waiting for the Train brings the torch of hope to two hopeless people, waiting to make a grand final exit. Joseph is able to bridge generational gaps smoothly, showing that age is not a factor when it comes to despair and wisdom comes to those who are willing to open up in times of sorrow.

Waiting for the Train is the perfect launch for this collection of the truths of modern life that at times get a little sinister. For instance, Chat Line has surprising twists about those chat lines that used to be so popular in the early days of Internet conversations. Who one is in real life often is not reflected in their online profile....and one never knows until it's to late who is the predator and who is the prey.

Shock and Awe proves that dog is man's best friend. Written from the canine vantage point this tale is inspirational in it's simple truths.

The collection as a whole is well worth the read, with many gems that will stick with you.  Many of the stories are Toronto based, with little pieces that resonate with readers from the city, you may even see yourself in a few of the tales.

Shane Joseph is a world traveller and author of four novels and three collections of short stories. His work After the Flood won the best fantasy novel award at Write Canada in 2010. His short fiction has appeared in international literary journals and anthologies.
Tall Whites: Conspiracies Collide, as Thrilling Novel Explores History, Aliens & 2017 Government Surveillance​
United Kingdom – In 1953, President Eisenhower was supposedly called to Holloman air base to meet none less than two sets of aliens. Accompanied by Government scientists and high-ranking officials, a deal was said to have been struck to construct a 5,000-mile underground base in Nevada, with a secret agenda to play a part in running the United States and the world.

Six decades later, nobody knows how much of that story is true, how much is myth, and what influence these extra-terrestrials ended up having on humanity. In his searing new novel, ‘Tall Whites: Conspiracy’, Michael Ellis expands on this premise with a story that could have been ripped right from today’s headlines.

The writer, Michael Ellis, takes you on a journey through decades of the shadow government's decisions to trade with and work hand in hand with a collective alien race. Who are the Tall Whites? What do they want on our planet? As the story unfolds, we the reader find through the centre of the story the character Mike Rowland with a group of friends on a weekend sports trip in Nevada, a trip which ends in tragic circumstances following a plane crash in which two of the group are thrown from their aircraft over restricted airspace. Will Mike live to tell the tale? The story combines the conspiracy in Roswell from decades past with the Alien crash in 1947 bringing us up to the present day with the most wanted man in America - Edward Snowden. Snowden informed the world s population that Big Brother's surveillance human tracking system is already here and operating as indicated by the address of The American leader at the time, President Obama. Obama had to apologise for his security agency listening in on private conversations the leaders and heads of the whole of Europe s private telecommunications network. Quote by Edward Snowden, who used to work for the NSA. Now Hiding in Russia: 'I don't want to live in a world where everything that I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity, or love, or friendship is recorded.' Within this story lies the truth!

“This story is the result of thousands of hours of research into that fateful meeting,” explains the author. “I’m not going to tell you which parts are based on actual events, which I made up, and where the fine line between them exists. That’s up to the reader but, one thing is for sure, they’ll be left questioning everything they have ever been told is true.”

Continuing, “The goal was to tie a number of recent conspiracies and mysteries together with one common thread, while ensuring it was also 100% up-to-date. The bottom line? Anything you read could be playing out in reality.”

Initial reader feedback has been extremely positive. For example, Rizwan Pradhan comments, “Read the book on Kindle first but then had to buy the hard copy especially now that the book is properly credited to the true author. Read the hard copy and got the same buzz again with the horror and fascination of the things that are hidden from the authorities. Highly recommended read, you probably will not be able to put it down and will have to read it in one sitting. Look forward to the film!!”

Josef adds, “The creativeness of the author in writing a fictional story based on facts about this phenomenon is second to none. Its a book I couldn't put down until I had read it cover to cover. Look forward to reading more books from this author. The truth is out there and this writer will guide you where to look. I recommend this book without reservation not just to those interested in the phenomenon but to those who are unable to comprehend what is really being suppressed by the Governments through denial, disinformation and misdirection. The author has put many of the pieces of the puzzle together into an enjoyable read that opens the mind.”
‘Tall Whites: Conspiracy’, from Mambi Books, is available now:
It is also available from all branches of TK Max and other book stores.

The Winds of Heaven: Compelling Sci-Fi Novel, Hailed “Puzzling & Thought-Provoking”, Takes Readers to Centre of Galaxy
United Kingdom – While most authors use their first novel to do nothing but simply test the literary waters, Victor J Phillips is rapidly proving that a debut release also presents an opportunity to rival the bestsellers. In fact, Phillips is bucking all trends with gusto.
‘The Winds of Heaven’ will leave readers both invigorated and scratching their heads, as they return from a journey across the galaxy and reconsider many aspects of their own lives.
It is the 22nd century and the Earth has changed a great deal from the world in which we live today. Borders and geographical alliances have been rearranged due to cyber wars and power struggles. Into this backdrop, we find Lawrence Turner, an up and coming politician, and Catarina Firenza, a beautiful police detective, setting out together on a journey which, with a motley crew of criminals and fortune seekers, becomes an odyssey into the vast emptiness of space. Will the resulting tension tear them apart or could it bind them together until the final mind-bending discovery? A discovery so astounding that it changes mankind’s perception of himself and places him right at the centre of the galaxy!
“My goal from the outset was to capitalize on all of the facets of science fiction that readers crave, while also ensuring they get plenty they’ve never encountered before,” explains Phillips. “This isn’t just a story of love, a search for the truth and bold discovery – but a narrative that digs deep to the core of who we really are.”
Continuing, “There’s also a unique, subtle erotic tone to the novel, with multiple steamy encounters. While it isn’t a dominant theme, it strategically hits the buttons for the growing prevalence and acceptance of sex in science fiction. There’s something here for everyone.”
Readers agree, leaving positive reviews. For example, JP comments, “If you love science fiction and enjoy having you're grey matter challenged, you should read this book! Both puzzling and thought provoking, it's always entertaining. This combined with the occasional erotic encounter makes for a fascinating and compelling read. Thoroughly recommended.”
‘The Winds of Heaven’, from Elektron Star Publishing, is available now:
About the Author:
Victor is a retired engineer who, while not coming from a professional background in writing or publishing, has drawn upon his experience in the world of electronics and mechanical engineering, coupled with a vivid imagination, to come up with this ingenious story. Victor has another novel. "Worlds in Collision" which is available on Amazon Kindle. He lives in Cambridge with his wife Elvira.
Away From Home: Heartfelt Book of Poetry Captures Challenges & Rewards of Fostering Teenagers
United Kingdom – Joanne Clairmont is a rare type of maverick; one of the few in society both kind and brave enough to open her doors to children in desperate need of care and a place to call home.
Clairmont spent over a decade welcoming numerous teenage girls into her life; an experience that was as challenging as it was empowering.
In her new book, ‘Away From Home’, Clairmont shares her experiences through bold and emotive poetry. It’s powerful to say the very least.
Away from Home is a collection of short poems inspired by the writer’s experience of fostering teenage girls over a ten year period.
The poems are from real life situations of teenagers in my care.  It is written from the view of the foster child and the writer.
“Every poem and its story is a real-world problem or encounter I experienced during my time as a foster carer,” explains Clairmont. “Everyone is aware of the fostering system, but few are familiar with it. My goal with this book was to give a raw depiction of what it’s like, while retaining the confidentiality and dignity of the wonderful and gifted children I welcomed into my home.”
Continuing, “I want people to understand that these children may not communicate verbally at first, but instead communicate through their actions. Then, over time and as the tumultuous nature of their move begins to settle, they make a wonderful transformation and begin to grow and communicate with newfound confidence. It’s ultimately a hugely-rewarding experience.”
With the volume’s demand increasing, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.
‘Away From Home’ is available now:

From Beyond the Grave: Time-Bending Love Story Chronicles Couple Separated by 125 Years
United Kingdom – While time travel has been a staple of literature for the past century, no writer has been as brave as David Spielmann – brave enough to fuse this unique genre with romance, psychological fiction and dark undertones.
But, in ‘From Beyond the Grave’, Spielmann achieves it all with gusto. There’s literally nothing else quite like it on the market.
Dave and Martha are a perfect couple. There’s only one problem though: they are separated by 125 years. It’s the long hot summer of 1976. Dave – single, ex-military, fed up with his life – sets out for a much needed holiday in the West Country.
At the last minute he’s joined by his best friend, Mike, who has managed to lose his job and his girlfriend on the same day. Driving through the night they hit an impenetrable fog bank and when the fog clears the next morning, they find themselves back in 1851. That’s when Dave meets Martha.
This is a time-slip romance of immense charm that takes a darker and more mysterious turn when tragedy strikes and Dave finds himself in 1977, 126 years away from the woman he loves.
“There’s something here for everyone,” explains the author. “It will be a blast for die-hard fans of time travel, and will also strike a bold chord with those who thrive on romantic fiction. A dark undertone develops, which throws everything into question and will leave readers afraid to assume anything!”
Continuing, “My goal from the outset has been to retain the hallmarks of fiction that readers crave, while also breaking ground with new an unseen concepts. Judging by feedback from readers, it’s been a big success.”
With the volume’s demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.
‘From Beyond the Grave’, published by Spiderwize, is available now:
About the Author:
David Spielmann, a Ju-Jitsu practioner for over thirty years, was working on his family tree one evening when he had the feeling that it would be interesting if he could venture back into the past to see what life was really like then. The result is his novel 'From Beyond the Grave'.
In the Mirror: Marilyn Monroe - Unique “Reincarnation Memoir” Unravels Marilyn Monroe’s Life, Death & Soul – in the First Person
United Kingdom – From her days as a model, to her troubled personal life and of course her mysterious death, no woman has captivated and confused the world more than Marilyn Monroe. But, in what can only be described as a ground-breaking event in world history, her reincarnation has finally penned a first-person account of the truth.
In a wholly-unique and powerful new book, Monroe comes back to life, to give the final word on her own life and death. ‘In the Mirror: Marilyn Monroe’ is so much more than a biography.
"In the mirror: Marilyn Monroe" is the only book out there written wholly from Marilyn’s point of view.
 It’s extraordinarily unique, because this is the first and only, 100% personal Marilyn memoir. In contrast to any other book ever published on her life, the reader can feel themselves the closest ever to the superstar, they  go through her ups and downs, almost hand in hand with the actress.

The true story of Marilyn Monroe! As it has never been told before... Exciting. Astounding. Disturbing. Touching. Thought provoking. But above all else: not a traditional biography.
This book is a unique reincarnation memoir which unfolds the character of the real Marilyn Monroe with its astonishing fullness of details and credibility, amazing sensitivity and honesty, and it also reveals her innermost thoughts and feelings, eventful life and mysterious death…The most famous woman of all times tells the story of all the definitive events of her life and intimate, often shocking experiences of hers in a unique way, in the first person tense. In this way, not only the events, but also Marilyn's feelings and thoughts unfold at a palpably personal and unprecedentedly exciting level. As we follow her through her troubled youth, along the rough road to success and into her years as a celebrated star, so we get to know her personality, we recognize what Marilyn Monroe, the person, was really like. Her soul unravels from the tidal wave of events as we move with her deepest thoughts and emotions from chapter to chapter finally showing her real face.
This enthralling book with a unique tone offers not only the fans of Marilyn Monroe but also anyone else an enchanting read.

“Truth be told, I had pondered a lot on whether to or not to write this book, since the events unfolding in it were especially personal, inward and many times disturbing for me.” explains Reinberger  “Yet finally, I decided to write my story.
I have done so due to the reason, I felt I owed Marilyn Monroe's fans the revelation of the real events and the real Marilyn Monroe after so many guesses and rumors.
With much love I hand over my book to all of my dear readers, trusting it will provide an unforgettable experience.”
Early reviews have been extremely positive. For example, one reader comments, “If you fancy Marilyn, you should definitely read this. A marvellous book on her fascinating life. A real page turner! Especially when it describes how naive and good-willed she was despite common belief as many people depicts her as a narcissistic harpy.”
‘In the Mirror: Marilyn Monroe’ is available now.

For more information and to purchase, visit the official website:

About the Author:
Artist, painter, writer, author of the reincarnation memoir ‘In the Mirror: Marilyn Monroe’. She continued her studies in art, literature, philosophy and history.
She gained experiences in the field of various spiritual and reincarnation – including meditation and regressive hypnosis – therapies, and then wrote her book ’In the Mirror: Marilyn Monroe’ based on her experiences gained during her reincarnation journeys. At present, among others, she paints and writes, including poems.

 Global Bestselling Author Exposes Cold, Hard Crimes of the “Wildlife Mafia”
There’s nothing dignified about the illegal rhino horn trade. Shot, surrounded and their horns bloodily hacked off with a machete or chainsaw, the innocent victims have now reached record low numbers and will imminently become extinct.
In his latest novel, ‘Bloodhorn’, Graham Spence exposes the inhumanity behind this most pressing of crimes; from the grassroots work of the mafia that poach to the false medical beliefs of rhino horn powder, all the way to the huge responsibility every reader bares by failing to act.

If you truly want to grasp the situation facing conservationists, do what a poacher does and look at a rhino and see a three-foot-long scimitar of pure gold on its nose. Yet you don’t have to tunnel into the earth for it. One bullet is all you need. Alaskan fishing guide Chris Stone’s future sister-in-law Josie Gordon, a game ranger, has been kidnapped in South Africa by a murderous gang of rhino poachers. She was investigating the illicit horn trade which is now the most lucrative crime in the world, and got a ‘little too close’ to exposing the international wildlife mafia. With the help of a South African private detective and a former Vietnam vet Green Beret, Chris and his fiancé Debra vow to find her. They follow Josie’s trail, from South African hunting reserves that are little more than drug-fuelled bordellos with big game trophies thrown in, to the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, where ground rhino horn is regarded as a wonder cure for ailments ranging from impotency to cancer. The final showdown is back in Africa, where game rangers armed with bolt-action rifles have to take on sophisticated mercenaries employed by the wildlife mafia. Taken from today’s headlines where smuggled wildlife products are now among the most valuable global commodities, Graham Spence, author of the international bestseller, The Elephant Whisperer, explorers the scourge of rhino horn smuggling in a searing book that blends fast-paced fiction with cold fact. And the most horrifying fact of all is that one of the world’s most iconic species, the rhino, will in likelihood become extinct in our lifetime. Unless there are hard men, such as the characters in this book, who are prepared to fight for its survival.

“Because of poaching there’s only 25,000 white rhino and about 5,000 black rhino left in the world,” explains the author. “Yet, in the Far East, millions continue to believe that their ground horns will save their life, or they’ll pay hundreds of dollars for a dagger fashioned from a horn. This book melds fact and fiction to get to the source and raw ruthlessness of those keeping this lucrative trade alive.”
Continuing, “There’s nothing sterile about the industry. Rhino are brutally murdered, everything exists in a black market and anyone attempting to stop the poachers can expect to pay with their life. We need to do something and, while this is primarily fiction, I wrote it to wake the world up to the problem and empower people to affect bold, positive change.”
Early reviews have been impressive. For example, one reader comments, “In spite of the backdrop of the horrors of the rhino horn trade, this fast-paced and exciting novel leads up to one of the most satisfying endings you will find in the genre. Following the changes of country and the twists and turns of the story you will watch Chris Stone and his team of family and friends outfacing one of the most heartless villains you are likely to come across. Very good read indeed, I couldn't put it down - this is an all-nighter if you are one of the readers who has to know what happens next!”
Beverley Scherberger adds, “Bloodhorn (perfectly titled!) is packed with action. I loved the emotion Josie shows when she sees the rhino slaughtered, its horn removed. Very moving. It certainly helps move the story along, propelled by the strong emotions of people for these majestic animals, as well as for each other. It's an adventure-conservation-love story all rolled into one! I don't want to give anything away, but readers of action/adventure should definitely grab Graham Spence's "Bloodhorn" for a good read!”

‘Bloodhorn’ is available now:
Amazon U.S. -
Amazon U.K. -

About the Author:
Born in Africa, Graham Spence was a journalist for more than 20 years reporting on the turbulent apartheid era. He now lives in Berkshire, England with his wife and two sons and is a full time writer. His previous three non-fiction books, The Elephant Whisperer, Babylon’s Ark and The Last Rhino, written with his brother-in-law Lawrence Anthony, are all bestsellers. Lawrence Anthony, who died on 2012, was known as the ‘Indiana Jones of conservation’. Spence has written one other novel, The Apocalypse Chase, a Chris Stone thriller about fishing in the world’s most dangerous places.