Meet The Team
  1. Walter Tautorat
    Walter Tautorat
    Staff Photographer
  2. Pat Connors
    Pat Connors
    Feature Writer
  3. Maria Cruz
    Maria Cruz
    Feature Writer
  4. Christian Christian
    Christian Christian
    Feature Writer
  5. Hugh McClean
    Hugh McClean
    Staff Photographer
  6. KJ Mullins
    KJ Mullins
  7. Franca Bartella
    Franca Bartella
    Feature Writer
  8. Tiziana Ciccone
    Tiziana Ciccone
    Feature Writer
  9.  Brenda Clews
    Brenda Clews
    Feature Writer
NEWZ4U.CA (formerly NEWZ4U.NET) was created on May 12, 2010 as an online newspaper for the Greater Toronto Area by KJ Mullins. The site focus is on Toronto and issues important to Torontorians. Feedback is always welcomed. All articles produced by NEWZ4U.CA or any of our writers are subject to copyright laws. Credit must be given to NEWZ4U.CA when any material is used with written permission. No permission to use articles or photos is required when a prior reciprocal arrangement exists between NEWZ4U.CA and another agency.
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