A Christmas Carol slot review

Betsoft’s A Christmas Carol slot takes us into the world of Ebenezer Scrooge, where he feels extraordinarily generous. He is ready to give you a lot of money for the combination you want!

Three famous ghosts visit Scrooge’s tale, and now they’re coming to you too! You can enjoy numerous free spins with them.

Game symbols and payouts

This slot machine features high-resolution graphics, animations superior to most other games, and a great soundtrack, thanks to the talented Betsoft team. You will play this fun little number as you fill your basket with many Christmas gifts!

Gameplay: Reels and Paylines

You can enjoy the holiday on the 5×3 reel in Christmas Carol with 25 paylines. You are capped at 125 credits per spin, but this penalty bet may be too low for those looking for higher returns or prefer the more risk involved in their gaming activities! The Mushrooms coin came out with a coefficient of 0-02, making it great for conservative players and fans of competitive video games, where success depends significantly on statistics and not just random finds.

Autoplay mode is a great way to pass the time without a scroll button and watch the bright Christmas lights in the hope of getting the perfect gift!

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Game symbols and payouts

In this game, you are Santa Claus, and the naughty or nice player will be rewarded with gold coins. Each symbol that can match any of these images has a monetary value associated with it: a 10 pence (1 coin) bet, the jack card is worth correspondingly fewer points than its rank in the Ace to 3 King sequence, which equals a bet of 1,000 points per round; The queen sets your point bonus at 200, while the kings are worth another 100 points, and the aces are offering another 50 points if they are the winner!

This is a gambling game in which you win coins depending on which cards are drawn. The more combinations, the higher your chances of winning something! There’s also a bounty called “Royal” that pays out 10 gold bars if it’s reached on any wager – this can’t be done without collecting at least one pair, so don’t lose hope just yet.

There are many ways to make your Christmas gifts special this year. A great way is to give them extra attraction with even more significant payouts than before! For example, if you were lucky enough (and rich) the last time, getting three matching symbols resulted in 125 coins per set; now, it might be worth checking out 4 rewards of its kind that offer 200 or 300JS instead – not too bad anyway given the high cost involved. But seriously: don’t forget about 5 matches in a row.

Shiny Gold is one of the prettiest symbols you’ll find while playing. Offering payouts of 200 coins for 3 matches, 400 coppers for 4 matches and 800 silver for 5 line matches!

The Ghost of Christmas Future is always generous with prizes. For 3 types, he awards 300 coins; for a flush of four and five cards, you get 500!

Wild turkey

What’s Christmas without roast turkey? The answer is not so tasty. In fact, with this wonderful turkey friend by your side, you can substitute other symbols for combinations that will yield winning results!

Free Spins

Past, present and future

The ghost of past, present and future Christmas will visit you this December and bring you 3 bonuses worth celebrating! You can use every bonus feature for a fantastic prize.

When you trigger the free spins round, it will be triggered every time you land 3 Christmas Past scatter symbols on your reels. With this feature, you’ll have 6 or 12 chances to win back all those points, and you can keep playing for as long as you want!

Get at least 3 Christmas Gift symbols on the reels to trigger the holiday wilds! All ghosts that appear during this bonus round will receive a payout, so don’t miss your chance while you still can.

During the free spins round, a unique Christmas futures bonus game is triggered with 12 more ways to win! Every three hits bring an additional scatter; each time this happens, your prize increases by 1. If there are 4 or 5 scatter symbols on the screen at the same time, then they all activate their features, which also gives out wins, but not as much as with only 2 triggers per line – but do not worry; each successful guess still gives players 7 chances before another one is needed.

Gambling function

The doubling feature will allow you to double your bets if you succeed. If that’s not true, it belies all previous bets, and Corvetz takes home nothing but the cost of the game!


Betsoft is the provider of some of the most exciting slot games on this planet. A Christmas Carol slot has everything from festive graphics and music to tasty treats in bonus features easily activated by royal prize winners! It would seem that the theatre company Betson’s has put all their energy into creating an unforgettable experience of these games of chance because every aspect seems to be perfect for making your player feel like they too can enjoy such happy moments during Christmas without even leaving home– not even through the Internet (although now many do).