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 On Jan 17, 2019, the Casa de Ana Foundation held their first fundraising Gala at Brooklyn Tavern in downtown Toronto. The Casa de Ana Foundation works to bring life-saving medications and treatments with a focus for children suffering from cystic fibrosis in El Salvador. Because of the lack of medication and other barriers children with this disease in the South American country are dying during their teenage years. For the foundation's founder Obed Urquilla, this is a horrible situation. “Did you know that Canada is the leading country when it comes to cystic fibrosis? The average life span of a CF patient in Canada is 55. In El Salvador, it is 15 years of age. We have to make a change in these early deaths of children.”

It was an incredible party Thursday night at the Brooklyn Tavern, located at 1097 Queen Street East. The full house was entertained with live music and fellowship while helping children living in El Salvadore.

Urquilla announced that the first annual Medal Hero of Casa de Ana is Cindy Wilkes, owner of Brooklyn Tavern for her tireless help to the foundation this year.

There were many happy prize winners throughout the night with gifts donated by Yumei Sushi Bar, Brooklyn Tavern, ChocolaTas of Vancouver, El Salvadore coffee and items from local artists in El Salvadore.

All of the monies raised at the event will be going to buy much-needed medications for youth and other expenses that help increase the quality of life and independence of the young patients.

Urquilla said that Casa de Ana is not working alone in El Salvador. They are partnering with a children's hospital in El Salvador to support preventive health for the patients.

For many in the country having access to the medications that prevent many of the complications of the disease is blocked by barriers. The best drugs are made in Canada are not readily available so far away. By working to make partnerships between the drug companies and the doctors that treat these young patients there is a real chance for hope for the families.

The first annual Casa de Ana Foundation fundraiser raised over $5,000 to help with this process. 



We have an immediate need for funds.  You can help by donating at 

Opportunities for Individuals:  Casa de Ana will begin organizing travel tours to El Salvador this year to introduce new travellers to the beauty of the country and bring tourism dollars into local communities in El Salvador.  For more information, email us at [email protected]

Corporate Sponsors:  We are looking for sponsors for key initiatives such as purchasing much needed equipment to help medically compromised children and youth or helping the Foundation defray its costs related to shipping of coffee or other products for sale in Canada. 
For more information, email us at [email protected]